The Intricate Details of eSports Betting

Electronic sports can trace their roots back to groups of individuals hosting parties and playing video games into late hours of the night. However, today, it's become a multi-million-pound industry, an official link of professional leagues and gaming tournaments. Currently, the eSports market is valued at approximately £900 million, and this figure will only continue to grow in the coming few years. With each passing tournament, the rewards get richer while the views increase significantly. And when there is cash to be earned, punters will follow.

The eSports industry is growing rapidly, and lots of cash is pouring in from sponsors, viewers, players and punters. Placing bets on electronic sports started in earnest with the CS: GO game through a process popularly known as skin wagering. In mid-2013, an update to the desktop version of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game introduced some cosmetic items known as skins. These items changed the entire appearance of the players' weapons.

But soon, it became clear that these simple changes were just the starting point of technological advancements. Before you can visit and choose your favourite eSports betting platform, be sure to go through the following sections to learn more about the sophisticated technologies behind the continuous growth of the eSports industry in terms of viewership and betting.

The Role of Technology in eSports

The rise of electronic sports has been sped up mainly due to the advances in technology as well as the need to make the product as convenient as possible. From the time the first sports betting platforms were established, the industry has not only matured but also changed. Technology is changing the world of eSports in important ways. And below are some of the technologies that affect the eSports industry.

Mobile Gaming and Betting

Mobile gaming and betting have transformed eSports betting. Currently, many players and punters do not visit brick-and-mortar betting venues to place bets. Instead, they wager using tablets, smartphones or desktops. Also, the emergence of betting apps has massively contributed to the growth of mobile gaming and betting.

Mobile apps allow punters to watch various eSports events live through online streaming while at the same time, enabling them to place in-play bets. Additionally, they provide punters with the latest tournament and match updates, team analysis, sports news and statistics that help them make more accurate predictions.

Nowadays, mobile developers are making high-tech smartphones and tablets with powerful processors. Since every gambler has either an iOS, Android, Windows or blackberry tablet or smartphone, they can access their gaming platforms anytime and from anywhere, making eSports popular among them.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the latest technologies that are significantly changing the eSports betting industry. However, many bookmakers have not adopted these technologies yet, despite providing gamblers with a thrilling gaming experience. These technologies help punters to make correct predictions of a couple of possible outcomes.

With Virtual Reality, you can see eSports events and matches from a different perspective. Currently, you can watch all of your favourite events and tournaments as if you are right in the venues where they are taking place, and that is really impressive, especially if you love live betting.

Punters can now select markets that will provide them with the best odds, enhancing the opportunities to increase their bankrolls. With such opportunities that Virtual Reality offers, you can see why eSports betting and viewership are massively on the rise.

Introduction of Cryptocurrency in the eSports Betting Industry

There’s been a rise in the use of cryptocurrency in the past couple of years. In the year 2017, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and LiteCoin gained the spotlight. This was primarily because cryptocurrency peaked its value around that time, especially Bitcoin. During that time, Bitcoin was valued at £20,000, and since then, many industries, including eSports betting, has been accepting cryptocurrency transactions.

The use of cryptocurrencies is beneficial for both online bookmakers and punters. For sportsbook operators, using cryptocurrencies as a method of payment is much cheaper. There’s no need for bookmaker operators to spend lots of cash on third-party services in order to process payments for their respective customers. This’s the main reason why cryptocurrency bookmakers offer more generous bonuses, rewards and promotions to their punters.

When it comes to punters, they use cryptocurrencies since they feel more secure and safer when using them. All cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology that makes sure the information of users is safe. Also, the technology ensures much-needed privacy for online punters. They no longer have to provide their banking and sensitive information to online bookmakers any time they are making deposits as the only thing that is required is a crypto wallet.

Also, many bettors use cryptocurrencies to avoid the hassles that the laws have when it comes to betting. Some laws prohibit players from using their respective bank accounts for gambling activities. If they make use of cryptocurrencies, they can avoid all of these hassles since there aren't lots of laws that govern the use of different crypto options in the world. As a result of all these benefits, many players have started to place wagers on eSports, making it popular.

Broadband Growth

Broadband provides a better and reliable internet connection that has really promoted the establishment of modern eSports bookmakers. It helps betting platforms to enjoy speedy loading of pages, and transactions, which win the trust of their customers. Additionally, enhanced internet connections enable players to play virtual sports and place live bets.

The introduction of 5G technology is one of the advances that has the most significant impact in the world of eSports gambling. This technology allows more punters to access eSports betting platforms on their tablets and smartphones than before. While many individuals choose to take part in eSports betting on their mobile devices, others watch live events in the comfort of their homes. Thanks to 5G technologies, it is easier for spectators to place bets on different eSports matches right before their eyes.

The latest broadband technologies, like 5G, not only make it easy for players to place bets on their favourite sports. Such technologies also facilitate eSports leagues, gambling companies and telecommunication firms in increasing their profits and revenues. The speed at which the latest broadband technologies move help to encourage sports fans to increase the amount of money and time they spend on electronic sports.

Final Thoughts

If you have been wondering why there is an increase in the popularity of eSports betting, then you now know some of the technologies behind that. Mobile betting is one of the main technologies that enhance the popularity of electronic sports since every punter has a tablet or smartphone to use. With the ever-changing technology, you should be ready to enjoy the best gaming experience.

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