How to Make Your Own Game and Monetize It as a Student

Modern young people are purposeful individuals interested in building a successful career. They are looking for different ways to stand out from the crowd and become better. That is why so many students decide to become part of the gaming industry. The fact is that millions of people love video games.

They download arcades, strategies, casual platformers, fightings, or mobile clickers. If you create a superb game, you can make good money. Moreover, a successful project will surely allow you to count on an excellent portfolio and the possibility of attracting additional funding. But how to make your own game and monetize it as a student? Here's what you should know first.

Android and iOS Are the Most Profitable Platforms!

There is nothing wrong with making video games for PCs or consoles, as millions of people love to play at home or with friends. But the problem is that you can only earn on direct sales. It will probably be difficult for you to add loot boxes, a monthly subscription, or cosmetic upgrades for playable characters. Start with Android and iOS, as these are the most popular platforms. Imagine that hundreds of millions of people can play your game. Is this fact not enough to start developing your mobile masterpiece?

Choose a Genre for Your Game

To begin with, you should understand what genre will be the most popular among your potential audience. So you should visit the Play Market and the App Store to look at the leaderboards. Usually, people like clickers, casual platformers, dungeon crawlers, racing, and slashers. However, no one prevents you from creating an original genre. But do not forget that the mobile audience is conservative, and a hardcore game can become a commercial failure.

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Pick Easy-To-Use Engine

Usually, beginners create games on Unity, a free engine with many assets and manuals. At the same time, no one forbids you to choose Unreal Engine and create a game with perfect graphics and animation. You will have to pay to use such an engine only after earning your first million dollars or more. Also, beginners often choose Godot and Source 2 to not worry about assets and automatic location generation. But your choice should depend on your skills and preferences. This solution is the most logical and will help you not waste time adapting to new tools.

Use the Best Game Features That Gamers Love

What's the recipe for the perfect video game? Choose 3-5 game mechanics from AAA titles to create beautiful animations and entertaining gameplay. In addition, you should focus on trends and add those features that will attract the largest audience. As a rule, a week of searching for ideas will help you collect at least ten options for the further development of your game. But do not forget that long studies can negatively affect your grades.

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Choose How You Want to Monetize Your Game

Monetization is the ultimate goal of any game developer. The first thing you should think about is Google ads. There is nothing wrong with adding banner ads at the top or bottom of the screen. Google pays developers to display banners, contextual ads, pop-up images, and direct clicks on links. You can set up several monetization options to earn income. In addition, you can offer gamers permanent disabling ads for an additional fee.

Another way to earn money is by buying skins, unlocking locations, boosting character abilities, and adding new units. Sell ​​loot boxes with interesting items or expansion passes for new missions and events. As you can see, you have many options for monetization. But you can also set a fixed price for a one-time purchase of the game if you do not want to delve into other monetization aspects.


As you can see, even a student can create a successful game that has a chance of becoming a hit. You need a good idea, trendy gameplay mechanics, and the right monetization strategy. If you combine all these elements, you can earn good money. But do not forget that you will have to release updates and new events regularly. Such a strategy will be an additional motivator for people to spend money on your game.