FIFA 23: The Age-Old Question for Football Fans - FIFA or Football Manager?


The final installment of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise — FIFA 23 — was finally released on the 27th of September, and it appears that the game will bow out in style. Many reviews and critics have stated that the latest edition of everyone’s favourite virtual football simulation is one of the better chapters in the roller coaster series. Online bookmakers such as Bet365 provide free offers on ESports and if you are a fan of watching your favourite streamers on Twitch and other platforms, the chances are that you'll be watching much better football over the next 12 months. Gone are the days of opponents spamming the skill moves stick, with passing and moving now the other of the day. Gamers are still somewhat unconvinced, however, with a slight majority of reviews on Google giving the game a paltry one star.

A football simulation that always seems to appease its fan base is Sports Interactive’s Football Manager. Alright, we admit that the game isn’t necessarily a football simulation as such, you don’t actually get to play the matches, instead, you're resigned to a Jose Mourinho-like managerial role on the touchline. But the realism of the game, as well as the pure elation of leading an unheralded team from the footballing doldrums to Champions League glory is a journey that every football supporter must embark on at some point in their gaming life. Whereas FIFA has been known to trigger many of its players into an outright rage, Football Manager is a more calming experience. Although some — not many though, surely? — could argue that the managerial sim is a little on the boring side and is more for the football purists. So which is better?

It all depends on the gamer

We know, it’s not the answer you wanted to hear. You wanted a definite answer but unfortunately, we can’t give that to you. It all depends on your preference. If you're someone that's very hands-on, and who needs to be constantly fixed on the action, then FIFA is most definitely the one for you. On Football Manager, yes, you decide how your team plays, but will they actually play that way? At least on FIFA, you control the players and they don’t have a mind of their own (most of the time, anyway). If you’re short-tempered in nature though, hold on to that joystick tightly.

If you’re more analytical and can take a step back and review a situation, Football Manager is the one for you. You get to run every aspect of your favourite football club, from top to bottom. FM gamers also need to try and remain calm, however. there’s nothing quite like seeing a highlight queued in the 90th minute when you’re 1-0 up away at your local rivals. You know exactly what's coming. Perhaps a stress ball would suffice, for both FM and FIFA gamers?