How to boost your Instagram post and make it more visible in feed: several tips for beginners

If you have decided to start developing your Instagram page just now, we have two pieces of news: one good, one bad. The bad news is that it will no longer be possible to do it effectively for free – the competition between bloggers is too tough, and you will definitely have to use outside help to succeed. The good news is that in the field of online promotion, there are a huge number of different services that you can use – and in this text we will talk about the most effective of them so that you know what is worth using and what is not.

Let's talk about the possibility to buy Instagram followers and tell you how this simple option will help you significantly increase the visibility of your publications in IG and what else you can connect to the process to quickly succeed.

What to start with

To begin with, we would like to note that before developing any page in the IG, you need to take care of filling your profile. There should be at least 12 publications in the feed, and stories about important things should be organized into highlights – otherwise, those people who come to your profile thanks to advertising will simply not understand who you are, what you are doing, and they will not stay in it for a long time. Only after these issues are resolved, can you proceed directly to the promotion of your page.

You should start by using the chance to buy real Instagram followers – why? A good question that has a fairly simple answer: no matter what anyone says, people are still very much guided by the number of likes and subscribers that a particular profile has. If you don't have enough of them, problems may arise – people won't consider your profile authoritative enough to read it.

What to keep in mind

If you are striving for excellent results, you need to be sure that you are buying real followers in IG – these should be real people with completed profiles who cooperate with promo companies for rewards. Otherwise, you risk getting into trouble sooner: bots and fakes will make your profile the same in the eyes of algorithms, and they simply will not recommend your content to other users who may be interested in it.

To succeed even better, we advise you to combine paid services with free ones: for example, you should definitely take care of a large amount of engaging content, ask people for likes and support, apply cross-posting (this is when you talk about one of your social platforms on another) and apply for free mutual support to bloggers who now have approximately the same number of subs as you have.

Summing up

It may seem that you can handle the profile promotion yourself and make your posts more visible by personal efforts, but this is not the case. This is possible only thanks to third-party promotion services – and in order to apply them efficiently, you should definitely monitor the quality of the purchased option. Nevertheless, no one has canceled their own efforts, time spent and creativity; if you do not invest enough effort in your profile, then no paid services will simply help him.