The Space Force funding: 2 billion
first contact with aliens
peaceful exchange or war of the worlds?
spaceX erects planetary defenses
humanity's largest dogecoin-funded project
alien fleet taking heavy losses
local military expert cautiously optimistic
like lambs to the slaughter
space warfare veteran publishes memoirs
sharp rise in defense spending
taxpayers bear the substantial price of conflict
military dominates the economy
jeff bezos no longer on the forbes list
AI expected to replace all jobs
according to onlyFans founder tim stokely
historic food-stamp increase
prices are growing faster than wages
post-capitalist paradise
dogecoin exchanged directly for food
earth's resources depleting
societal collapse imminent, U.N. warns
poverty rates skyrocket
access to fresh water a major challenge
cities drowned by global warming
greta thunberg: one of the four horsemen
planetary emergency plan
sir richard branson leads the evacuation
astronomy research barely possible
huge machines of war cloud the sky
literally incredible
gamer shows monumental commitment
game ends abruptly
millions of players disappointed