Top Online Casino Games In Canada

There are a multitude of casino games available online. If you’re a Canada-based punter and wanted to scour for online casinos, we came up with a list to minimize your burden of searching. To start, here’s our top 3 bets for the best online casino games available today.

If you’re planning to play with these three featured online casinos, read the following facts to become familiarized with its platform functionalities and the likes.

Yukon Gold Casino

Yukon Gold Casino is a Canadian betting platform established on 2094. It offers more than 550 games, all operated by Microgaming power systems. It gives out payment through multiple merchants. To know more about the accepted partners, check the following list:

For problems, questions or concerns, you can consult their dedicated chat support system for 24 hours, 7 days a week. With this implementation policy, they are able to cater to different customers and their varying concerns with the website itself.

Moving on to anecdotes, users who signed up for Yukon Gold back in July 2015 received an offer, accumulating up to 125 spins for an affordable price of $10. Most people find it nice, considering that online casinos tend to offer amazing games but for an expensive price. Plus, they offer a multitude of deposit methods so it’s convenient, especially for people who only have limited options for payouts.

Quatro Casino

On another note, Quatro Casino has been around since 2012. For early registered users, they received 10 free spins on a daily basis within a week. On top of that, there’s also an additional $10 bonus after making a first deposit of $10. They also perform well in terms of providing one of the best accommodations in customer service, therefore, helping a number of website visitors every day.

If you have a desktop or personal computer to bet on, you can download the application that comes with the online version and play for a bigger screen approach. Once you opt for the desktop version, you also have the privilege to enjoy extra games such as the following:

Zodiac Casino

Though it delivers limited success for its enthusiasts, Zodiac Casino is, undoubtedly, one of the most friendly casinos thanks to its rewards system and selection of games. It also has a number of available deposit merchants where you can get your payouts from time to time. Aside from having a lot of games and bonuses, it also boasts efficient customer service for casinogoers’ benefit.


As a newbie bettor, you might find it overwhelming to receive a lot of choices for online casino games in Canada. But with our list, you will be able to discern what casino you’re looking for and the benefits that comes with it. As you choose your desired online platform, you have to be specific with your needs and check the deposit options available.