What does the Slot Game Development Process look like?

While slot games may seem quite simple, these games can still have a lengthy development process. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly this process looks like, then prepare to be enlightened! We’re here to tell you all about the process from initial concept to full blown slot game.

Where are Slot Games Born?

Slot games, like most others, start off as a single idea. This initial concept can be inspired from any number of places. Some slot game developers just copy the same ideas they know are popular with players, like Egypt or Ireland. These aren’t the most original ideas in the world, but they’re reliable ones that they can expect to do well with their players.

Other developers take an existing concept to create a branded slot. This can come from movies, television shows or famous characters. While the initial idea is already there with these concepts, the developer has to think of a way to implement this into the slot game format. Symbols, bonus features and even soundtracks are used to convey this theme. Not all branded slots manage this though, as some low effort creations can miss the mark entirely.

Last up, slot game developers can also bring their own original ideas to the development process. This can come in the form of a simple structure, or something much more complicated. The possibilities really are endless in this regard, as the only limitation is the imagination of the developer. Some of the most innovative games have started out as a simple idea, but then have been built upon.

The brainstorming process should take the developer through the initial stages of slot game design. At this point, it’s all about creating and fleshing out the ideas that will work in a cohesive manner together. The concept is just the jumping point, from there the characters and identity of the game must be created.

Fleshing out the Concept

From there, the developer will generally undergo a longer concept stage. This is where they will begin to create the slot game more fully, including the gameplay mechanics and symbols that will be used. Not every game has 3D characters in it, but if they do this is when they will begin to be animated.

As we see for many games and creative projects, this will often consist of a lengthy design process with multiple concepts. Before settling on a final design for these elements, designers will often create sheets filled with different variations on the same theme. These small refinements can make a big difference to the game overall, as they can give it a different feel.

From here, this will also influence the bonus rounds that are in use through the flow of the game. If the developers create a particularly interesting character or story, then this will often influence the bonus rounds at work within the game. This makes the game more cohesive and engaging for players, so it’s a no brainer for developers.

Generally, wild symbols and free spins are present in most slot games. Some developers use the special symbols that unlock these bonuses as part of the story too, like heroes and villains. This again adds to the overall feel of the game.

They can also add in bespoke bonus rounds that work on simple mechanics. These games are often modelled on card games or games of chance, like coin flips or higher or lower numbers. These can add another element to the game and progress the story along.

If the developer is trying to create something totally unique, then they may also take this into account with the gameplay mechanics. While the vast majority of slots have a three or five reel structure, there are some out there that put their own twist on this. If the developer wishes to create an untraditional game, then they may have to work from scratch – rather than a template from another game.

The target audience for the game is important too, as this will also impact the rest of the decisions the developers will make. This is a key consideration, which will also affect the commercial viability of the game. For example, developers creating a cute game for casual gamers should consider a low minimum and maximum bet.

Creating the Game

With these details concrete and set out, the development process can begin in earnest. This is where the game really begins to come together, as the designed elements can be brought into one environment. The gameplay will be controlled by a simple random number generator, that selects different symbols to push onto the reels.

The reels will have a repeating pattern when in play, as well as a button to tell this when to go and stop. There will also be betting options to be designed and created too, which will also take up development time. These will also be styled to match the rest of the theme too.

The bonus features can take up more of this development time, as they work on entirely different mechanics. Free spins can be added easily, as the game functions in the same way, just without a payment required for each spin. For those creating other types of bonus features, an appropriate amount of time must be dedicated to this process if it is to be successful.

Finally, the game must also be mobile optimised in order to appeal to the mass market. This can be created as a separate game or simply as one game that can be played across multiple devices. The developers providing slots games to Lucky Admiral and other slot sites must be aware of the high amount of users that want a multi-platform experience.


Real money gambling games must go through rigorous testing before they can be added to a live casino site. They must prove that the outcomes are truly random, instead of predetermined. There are testing bodies out there that must work to ensure the game is impartial, before it can be rolled out.

These checks must be in place before the game can be made live to the public. The stringent testing can hold up the last stages of the development process, as the code of the game must be inspected fully.

The slot game development process is pretty interesting and it’s something that you might not have considered. These simplistic games can open up a world of possibilities for players, as they can experience a multitude of different ideas. Don’t dismiss these games, as they have just as much merit as others.

Going further

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