HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Lucifer: "Damn. Infernal delivery service failed again. A delivery of evil souls fell in an area under construction. Dante, take them where they belong, to the 8th circle."

Play as Dante, catch all the lost evil souls and bring them for eternal punishment.

You can play Top View or First Person, and switch between the two any time from the menu.

Top view:
Esc: menu
WASD/arrow: move
Touch screen invisible joystick, tap to interact.
Gamepad supported, A to interact.

First person:
WASD/arrow: move/strafe
Mouse to look around (or right gamepad stick).
Touch screen: invisible joysticks (left movement, right look around)
Gamepad supported, A to interact.

If the performance is not good enough on your machine, try to reduce the size of your browser window.

Thank you for playing <3 I hope you enjoy.
Music by Ryan Malm

Categories: desktop, mobile