Who is Playing Casino Games in 2019?

Online gambling is perhaps one of the most performed activity online. Players from all over the world engage in gambling at leading casino sites and with the offering of mobile casinos, even more players are able to enjoy the thrills. Over the years, gambling has become popular in many countries and today, there are locations that are home to millions of players who access sites on a regular basis. In addition to playing online, many also visit land-based casinos in their countries.

The gambling industry is forever growing and with new technology and amazing games always being created, more and more players will be enjoying the endless action of gambling in 2019. When people think of gambling, they often imagine the glitzy casinos of Vegas, but there are many other places that appeal to those that wish to place wagers on games. While the US has been considered a gambling nation, it is not the home of the most gamblers.


This country is home to many people who like to visit land casinos and also access real money games online. Gambling is a prevalent industry in this country and it is so popular that the central bank in Australia was forced to increase interest rates. While online casinos do not exist in Australia, players from this location are free to access offshore sites, where they can enjoy the perks of playing online. This ability has caused the number of gamblers in Australia to grow even more.


This country has a huge gambling population and it is believed that at least 75% of adult Canadians have engaged in some form of gambling. The popular land-based games in Canada consists of slots and lottery games and there are a number of land-based casinos that offer live action. Canada is also a country that licenses and regulates online casinos. Many of the best online casinos in the industry are located in Canada and these attract players from all over the world. Gambling accounts for a huge portion of generated revenue in this country and during 2019, the number of gamblers will only increase as more players want to have their chance to be the next big winner.


Perhaps that largest market for any form of gambling is in Europe. This market made up almost 50% of the market internationally. The UK is well known for offering high-quality online casinos, so this has only led to an increase in numbers of people who gamble. Check this online casino for just a peek at what can be enjoyed in the UK. European casinos are packed with the best games and when it comes to online play, sites based here offer outstanding bonuses, high jackpots, trusted banking, and a great level of security so players can enjoy a great experience.

United States

As expected, the US is home to many gambling venues across the country. Between Vegas and Atlantic City alone, revenue has reached the billions and continues to climb. Americans love to gamble and with the recent online gambling laws being changed, the industry is growing even more. Individual states now have the ability to legalize and operate online gambling sites, offering residents the chance to engage in lawful gamble right from home.

Another reason for the increase in gamblers that will come in 2019 is the offering of legal online sports betting. This is a new form of gambling that has been allowed, just entering the market in 2018. It is believed that the majority of US states will offer some form of online gambling in the next few years, so it is clear that the US will see some tremendous growth in the number of casino sites as well as the number of individual players.