PC Gaming Show E3 2019 live stream

One of the largest video game industry conferences, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is back this year for another entertaining round. The event will last three days and PC Gaming Show has a lot of big reveals in their bag. The show is hosted by PC Gamer site and sponsored by Epic Games. The show will be anchored by streamer Sean "Day[9]" Plott and esports presenter Frankie Ward.

The PC Gaming Show E3 2019 will start with its conference from June 11-14. Those watching at home can get to watch the E3 press conference schedule which starts on June 8. That is when the big news are announced.

The PC Gaming Show E3 2019 will be the only E3 PC-focused showcase and big announcements will be made on everything from indie gems to heavy-hitters. There will be developer interviews, demos and trailers. This can be said to be a big gathering of anything but the best web browser games that one can find. PC Gamer has already stated that titles are expected from about 17 developers, manufacturers and publishers. Entities like Digital Extremes, Chucklefish, Annarpuna Interactive, Frontier Developments, Funcom, Modus Games, Paradox Interactive, Perfect World Entertainment, Digital Uppercut, Fellow Traveller, Raw Fury, Rebellion, E-WIN, Fatshark, Re-Logic and Tripwire Interactive, and other developers not yet announced will be present.

PC Gamer's Editor-in-Chief, Evan Lahti plans for the attendees to get an inside look at everything that's happening on PC. They get to know about the new trailers for upcoming games, new hardware and announcements from big franchises.

The PC Gaming Show is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET on June 10 at Los Angeles' Mayan Theater.

The PC Gaming Show E3 2019 will be happening live in LA, but if for some reasons, you're unable to make it to the venue, then there's nothing to worry about. PC Gaming has made provision for plenty ways to enable you watch all the action live online.

How to watch the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 on Twitch

You can follow the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 by livestreaming it through Twitch. To join the other viewers, just connect to PC Gamer's Twitch channel on your browser or via the Twitch app on consoles, Android, or iOS.

How to watch the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 on YouTube

For those who prefer YouTube, the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 livestream will be made available to watch via YouTube. All you have to do is go to the PC Gamer YouTube hub from your console YouTube app, or through your web browser or the YouTube app on Android and iOS mobiles.

How to watch the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 on Facebook

This is amazing right? Facebook is a social media page but will still carry the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 live on the platform. To watch, all you have to do is stream via the PC Gamer's official Facebook page through your browser. It also works on the Facebook app on consoles, Android or iOS.