A Few New Titles for June

For the Android users amongst us June is turning out to be a pretty decent month for new apps with a wide variety available enabling us to make our mobiles into mini one-stop-shops for all.

In fact, there is so much choice that it can be a little daunting to choose which apps you really want instead of having a ton of them simply taking up space, sure we all know the ones we use regularly and enjoy like playing mobile casinos with the best games but sorting them out can be a pain.

If that sounds like you then perhaps Download Navi is the way to go. What this clever app does is list all of your downloads and then lets you navigate them by file type, including all of the videos, images and whatever else you have going on.

Our app developers are pushing the envelope each and every day trying to make our smartphones even more necessary in our lives (if that is possible!) and YASAN which is the developer of several other AMOLED-friendly wallpaper apps has introduced Artwalls which houses wallpapers especially for LED style displays. Most of the wallpapers are abstract, but they also feature a lot of black in order to save battery life. the selection is a bit small but its growing and not only is it growing it's pretty good too.

If you have pre-school children and need something new to pop on your smartphone ‘just in case’ then think of getting Montessori Preschool which is an educational app for the younger children and features in excess of 1000 educational activities from nursery rhymes through to literacy, shapes, colours and math.

Mostly of the content is suitable for children between three and seven years old so it will last you a few years, especially if you have more than one child. There is a price tag to this app but its well worth considering if you are out and about with your children a lot.

For those that are concerned about privacy whilst online and the possibility of identity fraud then perhaps Tor Browser is the way to go. The first stable version was launched this month which means it is now a fully-fledged browser which excels in encryption and privacy. It might not be quite as flashy as some other browsers but it works really well, and its free.