Multiple roles in Game Development

The gaming industry is one of the richest industries since a very long time. In 2018, according to a report, the US game industry matched with the US film industry in the term of revenue. The Video game industry including mobile gaming, consoles, eSports, etc had revenue estimated around $100 billion last year and it may rise 20% more in 2019. Most of the people want to be part of this industry. Game development seems a nice field to have a job with a lot of entertainment but is a sequential and consistent process. There have to be very skilled members in a team of a particular department and everyone has their assigned role. Everybody has to follow up with the specific task to reach the optimum goal to develop games.

As of now, several industries are tending towards the online space. The easy availability and hand use of internet in the smartphone has led several developers to develop more mobile games than consoles and PCs. Games of casinos are now seeming to available on online casino sites with various benefits like no deposit bonus codes and much more. So, this gaming industry is growing like a giant whale and we would tell what the different roles in game development are.


There are several types of designers in the gaming industry including game designers, story designers, level designer and more. It is a whole team which creates rules, gameplay, structure, and different level of the game. They are credited for documentation, content, user interface, the narration of the video game. Their work includes the creation of the characters of the game, their roles, voice, their visual look, and all graphic work. In the whole team, all people are assigned specific in which they are master and they are looked by one team leader who coordinates with the whole team during the development process.


The team of artists includes concept or 2D artist, texture artist, 3D artist, and several more. Concept artist works closely with the team of the game designer while the development process in the project to bring his vision to drawings. The painting textures in the game require a lot of experience since textures have to be perfect and looking when transformed or scaled. So textures artist should have a good knowledge of the technology used in the development of the game to output best-looking results.


The team of programmer writes logics in the game which should relatable to the real-life and law of the physics. The codebase and the flow of the game is the work of programmers. Their work includes Physics, Graphics, Scripting, Network communications, AI, Game tools, and more.

Sound Engineers

Sound effects are essential in any game. The work of the team of sound engineer includes the creation of sound effects, sound programming, voice editing, and audio merging in the game. They are more like an artist since they have more work as an artist than technical.


The testers team in the game development process tests the game and check the flow and the graphic quality of the game. They have to check whether the game has any bugs before the final release. A tester should have very keen knowledge about the gaming to find the issue in a game and they should be known with all concept and design of the game to test it.