The Unique Relationship Millennials Have With Mobile Gaming

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1997, have $200USD billion annual spending power and represent 26% of the world’s population and they are the age group that engage the most with gaming. Millennials also crave convenience and are used to having everything at their fingers and this is probably why mobile gaming is so appealing to them.

87% of millennials within the USA own a smartphone and this just goes to show how big the market is and how if you are not targeting your games at this section of the market you could be missing out massively. They want to be able to play games on their phones, whether this is a mobile adapted version of their favourite console game, a brain teaser to pass some time each day, their favourite online slots, an addictive level based game like Candy Crush, they are all what millennials want to be able to access on their mobiles.

Gaming in general is very important to millennials and this is mainly because the majority of them will have grown up with the latest video game consoles and spent up to 9000 hours of their childhood playing games. Playing games really shaped the lives of many and affects how they see the world. It gives them a sense of control of a situation. Within a modern world where economic and political influences can appear to hinder the dreams of millennials, being able to have total control over a character in a game can be really appealing and understandably so. They also help to provide a break from the potential stresses of ‘real life’.

Mobile gaming is especially popular for millennials as game play can take place in breaks during the day, on the commute to work or even during the ad break of a TV programme or half time at a sporting event. Mobile gaming is extremely convenient, easy to follow and the games can be both simple but also contain a lot of details. Millennials get bored easily too, due to being used to having constant stimulus throughout their lives to keep them entertained and mobile games are a great way for them to keep entertained and busy, whilst having fun.

Gamification especially in a mobile form is becoming more common in work and retail settings also and it would now be very rare for a millennial to go through a whole day without experiencing some sort of game, particularly if they are a heavy mobile user, which most of this generation are. This has been already recognised by major brands, specific examples such as mFortune who specialise in online slots games, have always focussed on the mobile aspect of their service and have enjoyed continued success in the market.

If connecting with millennials is key to you or your business, then one of the key ways to do this is through mobile gaming. A massive part of life for millennials is gaming and they expect everything to be available in their hand, on the go, whenever they want, and this is no different for games, meaning mobile gaming is massive amongst this generation. 2018 has seen the mobile gaming market reach an incredible $50 billion in value and this trend will continue at an even faster rate as technology and time marches on.