You are a test pilot testing a new ship equipped with an experimental FTL "Star-Hopper" drive. Due to an unforeseen engineering error, you've accidentally made a GLITCH JUMP, and have ended up in an entirely new galaxy, very far from your home.

Picking up some ancient satellite signals, you've been able to locate an inhabited planet to set a course to. Perhaps the intelligent race can help you find a way home, and if not, this may have to be your new home.

There will be many systems to explore on your trek to this new world. On each planet you will be able to mine for fuel to power your jump drive. Once you have 100 fuel, you can jump to the next system. Avoid running into suns if you want to stay alive.

  • Fly around (arrows or WASD)
  • Land on planets and mine (M or spacebar)
  • Jump to a new system on your journey (J)
  • Other things: N to toggle engines, R to repair, O to toggle sensors, P to pause, + or - to zoom, ESC to see this again
  • Run into the sun
  • Let your hull drop to 0%

Good luck!

Hit [Enter] to Begin

Jump Fuel: _/100
Hull: _%
Star Hopper:
Glitch Jump
A Galactic Adventure in 13kb
v1.0 for


You've discovered Terra and landed safely on this new planet. Hopefully the inhabitants are peaceful!


Your ship has been destroyed!

Play again by reloading the page (hit F5 in most browsers).