Design & dev by Frank Mitchell for js13kGames 2018. CC BY 4.0


“Meteor impacts detected. Life support systems offline. Escape pods launching in 30 seconds…”

Pegasus II, final transmission


Singularity is a print-and-play game. Print these pages, then cut out the following components:

You'll also need a timer.


Tiles can only be played on empty spaces on the board.

Place the five meteor tiles randomly on the board. Place the escape pod tile on the board, orthogonally adjacent to one of the meteors. Place a crew tile on each edge of the board. Shuffle the hallway, corner, tee, and junction tiles and place them face down next to the board.

Set the timer for two minutes, then hide it so you can't see how much time is left.

Pick up one of the face down hallway, corner, tee, or junction tiles and play it on the board. You can orient this tile however you want. Repeat until the board is filled or the timer goes off.

You win if all the crew tiles are connected to the escape pods.


Singularity is copyright 2018 by Frank Mitchell. This work is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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