Revenge of the Necromancer
Click to play
HP: / 250
MP: / 1000
Slimes: / (1 MP cost, press "1" key)
Skeletons: / (5 MP cost, press "2" key)
Goblins: / (10 MP cost, press "3" key)
Demons: / (30 MP cost, press "4" key)

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move. Click to shoot. 1 through 4 keys to summon shadows.
About "Revenge of the Necromancer": You are a necromancer, and your goal is to defeat the evil king! Monsters destroyed can be summoned as shadows up to a certain number using mana. Replenish mana near mana crystal mines. Made for the 2022 js13kGames competition by @zoan37. Pixel art from