Hello newbie!

Welcome to your new job! The goal is simple: make money.The how is simple as well: steal data and sell it.
We're giving you some stuff to kickstart you but we do not have any babysitting qualification.You're on your own as soon as this message autodestructs...kidding! Come on, this isn't a movie.

Just be careful, there ain't many enemies around here but authorities are watching!Do not stay connected to anything more than indicated by your system or they'll be able to find you.

As discussed, here's your starting hardware: a floppy and a 56k.Not much but definitely enough to start!We all went through it and we're still here.

Good luck and have fun, lil' Hackerman!

Go /Home
How to play

Click on entries to navigate folders and to download files. You will be limited by both your storage and your connection speed.

When done with a mission, go to the /Shop to upgrade your hardware as well as your software.

You earn bonuses the more you fill your storage, so avoid buying too big if you can't download fast enough to fill it.

File names do hint about their value but sometimes it is just bad naming. Pick wisely.

Your progress is saved automatically.

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        End mission