A rushed game for js13k by Miguel Ángel Pérez Martínez (@zurashu)

The plot so far: An evil parasite was detected invading the timeline.
It sealed itself in a dungeon, in medieval times.
We are sending you back to the past to find it and defeat it.
However, as it was going to be shown in a cutscene that there was no time to create, as time and space are part of the same continuum, sending you back in time also shrinked you to a fraction of your original size.
Luckly, your ship is good enough to help you survive, even if you are tiny, as long as you do not crash it.
By the way, it looks like nothing is hapening but the game is loading, really, it takes a while because traveling back in time takes a while, but I assure you it is loading! (Your browser can become quite non-responsive during this time! Sorry! The browsers are super super super slow building shaders.)