Need to Find the Tribbles

This is a decentralized application (dApp) created by for the 2021 js13k games competition by Benjamin Fox.

It makes use of the NEAR Protocol for on-chain storage of NFT metadata - all the information for each tribble.

Long-term off-chain storage of images is provided by Images for quick-access storage are stored in an AWS S3 Bucket.

You can follow me on Twitter in case I ever tweet anything interesting. Or ever tweet anything at all for that matter.

You Found a Tribble!!

Sorry for the interruption, but these tribbles are hard enough to find and I wouldn't want you blazing right past it.

You can claim it with the button in the right panel if it hasn't yet been claimed!

Since I don't know where you were frantically clicking (I mean, I do, but I'm also lazy) the button to close this overlay is also in the right panel.

Tribbles on the MainNet?!

My original plan with this dApp was to publish it to the NEAR MainNet.

Then I realized that A) minting over 10k NFTs is not cheap and B) it's very difficult to get NEAR wher I live.

I have some ideas to improve and extend these tribble NFTs and the overall experience.

Please consider donating some NEAR (benjaminwfox.near) if you'd be excited to see that happen!

Need to Find the Tribbles

10,048 tribbles are spread throughout the universe.

Today, nearing the end of the Great Tribble Hunt, only a few of the most unique and well disguised tribbles remain.

Find them quickly, before they start to multiply again!

The last time we left some alone the Universe was almost overrun...

All tribbles are one-of-a-kind NFTs!

Click around the star map, and if you find one before anyone else it's yours to keep! You'll just need to create an account.

This dapp runs on the Near testnet, which is free to use!

Sign up for an account at:

Need to Find the Tribbles

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Search Info
Tribble Gear

Your Collection

Just because it's a stuffed tribble, doesn't mean you love it any less!

Dress up your stuffed tribble with any gear you find!

  • Hair

  • Eyes

  • Face

  • Mouth

  • Feet

Across the Universe!

Oooh the vast emptiness.

There's nothing here, keep searching!

The tribbles are out there but there are only 10,048 in total, so they can be hard to find.

You Found a Stuffed Tribble!

You can dress it up with gear you find!

This tribble, and any gear you find, aren't NFTs. They'll only be stored here in your browser.

Tribble Gear!

What was it?

Who can say, but what it once was it is now not and never will be again.

Ooh, neat!

Who can say, but what it once was it is now not and never will be again.

You Found a Tribble!!

This tribble is currently unowned!

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