Elementary Challenges

Welcome to the Elementary Challenges!

What elements? What challenges?

The elements are the four classical elements, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. For each, I have a different type of game for you, and you have one minute for each to complete that game.

A minute? That’s too short!

Well, okay. I’ll increase your limit to a minute plus one second, which makes 4:04 total. And I’ll just count the total time, so you may take longer than a minute for an element if you are faster with another.

Do you have anything special for Coil users?

Yes! WebMonetization supporters can get a second chance once in the game. So if you think you took too long for one element, you can retry it.

That sounds like a nice extra. Anything else I should know before I start?

There are two modes: The normal mode and an easy mode, where some of the games are a bit shorter. For the first time I advice you to start with the easy one, and once you mastered it try the normal mode. So let’s start!