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The Elemental Vanguard

You are the first line of defense against an invasion of baddies that threaten your civilization's very existence. Armed with only your trusty laser and elemental weaponry, you must destroy as many enemies as you can before it's too late...


  • Keep your hero alive. Colliding with enemy vessels will result in death.
  • Keep enemies way from your planet. Letting 10 enemy vessels get by you will result in mission failure.

Make no mistake, you will die on this mission as a member of the Vanguard. The question is how long will you last?

You can disptach enemies with your laser or one of four elemental weapons. All elemental weapons have a 20 second cooldown after their effects have taken place. Enemies affected by elemental weaponry do not award points.

(Press Enter to continue)


Key Effect
Left and Right cursors Move your hero's ship
Spacebar Fire laser
Elemental Weapons (20 second cooldown)
1 Earth: fling asteroids at your enemies
2 Water: slow all enemies for 10 secs
3 Air: stop on-screen enemies and prevent new enemies for 10 secs
4 Fire: destroy all on-screen enemies and hero is invincible for 10 secs

(Press Enter to Start Game)