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The 13th century has come...
Navigate the complex web of alliances and rivalries- trying to establish a dynasty that will stand the test of time. Every decision you make will echo through the halls of history.
1 Use the Dismiss and Accept buttons to arrange marriages. You have a limited number of turns in each generation.
2 Choose the proper marriage proposals to give your kingdom the best chances to develop.
3 Arranging marriages for Sons can give Your kingdom a bonus in Strength and Land.
4 Arranging marriages for Daughters can give Your kingdom a bonus in Wisdom and Diplomacy.
5 The more Passion , the more chance of having descendants in the next generation (for Sons couples). Remember - the male line inherits.
6 The more Luck , the better chance of avoiding the negative event effects.
7 The color of the upcoming event in Rumors corresponds to the type of points which will be needed to avoid negative effects. Be prepared!
8 Your dynasty must last until the beginning of the eighth generation. Make Your kingdom as powerful as possible.
9 The final score will be the sum of your kingdom's values: Strength + Land + Wisdom + Diplomacy.
Let the story begin!
Please run the game on a screen with a resolution of at least 1200px.
Family tree
History will be written soon...
Marriage candidates
Game Over! You lost the game!

Game End! Congratulations!

Game idea, graphics and programming by Kamil Zurek 2023. Game designed specially for JS13K contest.