Cloud Sweeper

Score Freed Backed-up Deleted
0 0 0 0

Free up your cloud storage by moving your data offline! Copy units "off the grid" and free up some storage.


  • Move with your keyboard arrow keys or the "Mouse controls" below.
  • Clouds that are backed-up to the border are moved offline.
  • Every time you move, the 8 neighbouring cells are checked:
    • If a unit has 2 or 3 neighbours, it is backed-up (copied) to an empty neighbouring cell.
    • If a unit has more than 3 neighbours, it is redundant and is deleted.
    • If a unit has less than 2 neighbours, it is unreliable and is deleted.
    • You lose if you get cornered by clouds or the border.
  • Try to clear the grid with the highest score.
  • Score = 2*(Unit Freed) + (Units copied) - 2*(Units deleted)

Don't or "backup" into a corner. Minimize files deleted.


Mouse controls