Escaping from the city dome has been your life goal. You and many others started the long path, many of them have fallen and perished along the way. You stand alone now but close to end. The 99+1 cubes Well plus the 7 levels remaining are the last obstacle before freedom. Find your way out from one level to the next, through cubes that never disappear.

Tested in META QUEST 2

Use thumbstick controls for translate
A || B buttons for rotating 30º
Playing standing up and facing the stage

Play in your computer

move - AWSD keys
rotate camera - mouse left+click

How to play: Move up levels by reaching the cube that is in front of you. You will have to move through cycles 1 never falls, always remember to have the cube on top of it.

code - oscar bravo villacorta | shaders - shaderfrog.com | music - deconstructive remix from original SWAY by bits'n'bites | thanks to andrew