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A remake of the 1978 launched Simon electronic game! Why?
2012 - 1978 = 34 mod 13 = 8 / 2 = 4! So? 4 buttons!

This is a eyboard-nly-ame (KOG).

So please use your keyboard. There will maybe a clickable version later.

Browser support

Best played with the latest WebKit-browsers (Chrome or Safari) because WebKit has much better performance, css filter and css repeating-radial-gradient support.

Playable with Firefox 15.


asdf on GitHub.

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riffwave.js by Pedro Ladaria
A library that encodes audio data to a format that can be used to play synthesized sounds with the HTML5 audio element.

pubsub.js by Peter Higgins
Ambiguous communication plugin. Small API surface. Publish some message to listeners.

2012 by Tim Pietrusky for js13kGames 2012