How to Play The fox and geese alternate turns moving along the paths. You play as the geese and will move first after clicking Start.
Legal Moves
  • Any one goose can move 1 space in any direction to an unoccupied city as long as there is a path between the cities.
  • The fox can also move to any unoccupied, connected city or it can jump over one goose to remove that goose from the game.
  • A jump must remain on 1 path so it must end on an unoccupied city on the same color path as it started.
  • The goal for the fox is to reach Rome (or kill enough geese to guarantee victory).
  • The goal for the geese is to trap the fox so that is has no moves.
  • To move, click a goose and then click the city to move it to.
  • Once you have clicked on a goose you must move it or leave it where it is!
  • You only have 60 seconds each turn to make your decision.
  • After taking your turn, make the fox's move by clicking the box in the upper left two times (for a regular move) or three times (for a jump).