HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Zooback Rider

You work at a zoo where the animals get to roam free in the fields during the day. But when a storm is coming, you have to bring them back into their pens. You can chase them back or ride them back.

All graphics are emojis.

On desktop: arrow keys to move, space to pick up item / drop item / dismount. Phones: hold to move there, tap yourself to pick up item / drop item / dismount.

Works on iPhone, but not so much on Android because they don't have all the emojis with color built in.

The JavaScript is minified, but there is a link to the TouchBasic code in the github.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Kevin Whinnery: Hah! This was pretty adorable. You could imagine coming up with some pretty fun "towers of Hanoi" style puzzles where you have to capture the animals in a certain order. Needing to use the octopus to flush out the pig was genius. Worked: - Having the octopus capable of swimming was a great touch. If the game were to be built out further, having different animals capable of different traversal techniques would be great. - The pig was super frustrating to catch, but it felt appropriate! I could hear the squealing in my mind. - The visual of riding the different animals was hilarious. Much comedy to be found there when building out this concept. !Worked: - Why could I pick up the plants? I didn't discover a purpose for this feature, felt like a red herring. - The pig was faster than the horse? - It seemed like the octopus was the only animal which had the traversal upgrade that I loved so much

Anonymous: Good: - Excellent use of the competition themes! - Quite a big world to explore - The use of emoji for all game assets! - Simple but well-done game mechanics - Several NPCs with funny dialog - Each animal has its own ability (e.g swimming) or behavior (e.g walk really fast) - Good game progress indicator, it's easy to see which animals are missing or have been collected - Able to pick any items or drop them anywhere. Fun :-) - Good game mechanics, player movement, love the back riding part! - Works on iPhone!

Jupiter Hadley: This is such a clever and cute little game! It's really great to play through.