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YoYo Haku Pool

YoYo Haku Pool puts you in control of a yoyo on a multiplayer pool table!

The goal is to keep the highest score as long as possible.

Click or touch the table to pull your yoyo.

Each ball has a value, and you should use yoyo maneuvers to bring them into the corner pockets.

If you push another yoyo into a corner pocket, you get part of their score, implying that you also lose part of your score if you end up in a corner pocket.

When the table is clean, balls are brought back to the table. Tip: Focus on pocketing the balls with high value first.

There are several tables in the room, and you can communicate with players from other tables through the chat area.

You can also run the following commands there:

Command: /nick
Effect: Changes your nickname.

Command: /newtable
Effect: Starts a new game on an empty table.

Command: /jointable
Effect: Joins the game from a specific table.

Command: /soundon
Effect: Enables sounds.

Command: /soundoff
Effect: Disables sounds.

Categories: desktop, mobile, server