HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue is a cooperative game for two players, but you can also play it alone. Yellow and Blue have been separated, it is your task to bring them together again. But you also have to avoid Death, and you have to solve puzzles on your way.

When you play together with another player, each of you controls one figure. When you play alone, you can switch between Yellow and Blue, either by pressing the keys 1 or 2, or you use the tab key to toggle, or you click/tap the indicator in the header.

To move use the arrow keys or WASD/ZQSD. On a mobile device you swipe in the direction you want to move (anywhere, just the direction counts).

Coil subscribers (and other players when they play together with Coil subscribers) get access to four bonus levels.

Your times to solve the levels are stored, so you can always try to solve them faster than before.

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Categories: desktop, mobile, server, web monetization