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XIII Feet Underground

XIII Feet Underground

In XIII century citizens of small town named Kłodzko (formerly known as Glatz or Cladzco) started expanding their basements. After some time, they managed to create complex network of rooms, halls and tunnels. In this underground city, they had shops, wells, taverns, counting rooms, doctor's office and... prison.

Criminals captured and sent to the prison were then trailed in court, and often treated with appropriate kindness by the executioners.

You are one of those lucky prisoners! Can you escape from the underground maze? How many ways of escaping can you find? And are you ready to die, like a lot?

XIII Feet Underground is RPG-like game, with roguelike mechanics.
Explore Kłodzko's underground city, interact with it's citizens, reveal dark secrets of people.
There are multiple ways of reaching the end.
But watch out! You should not trust everybody!

Controls: keyboard (WASD for walking)

Categories: desktop