HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Welcome spectators! The renowned Witch World Cup of the year 1276 is about to start!
The contestants will race each other on four different courses, one harder than the other!
Beware of low flying brooms and jinxes!

How to play:

You play the witch dressed in classic black.

Use [Arrow]-Keys or [WASD] to steer your witch (up = accelerate, down = break, left and right to turn the broom)

Use [Space] to cast a jinx that will stun your opponent (if you can hit her)

Use [Escape] during the race to pause and display some options (restart, abort, continue)

The Jinx-Cooldowntime and the brooms speed/turnrate may be updated using your earned witchcraftpoints.

The music during the race is a cover version of "Furatum Alci Provinciam" by CORVUS CORAX (Die Könige der Spielleute! Go check them out!)

Special thanks to Castus (and Norri, Hatz, Micha, Victor, Xandru and Alex) from Corvus Corax and Doro Peters from Absolut Promotion for the granted permission to use the composition!
The song was created using Soundbox from

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