HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

When Your Neighbors Are Mongols

As the brave samurai looked out across the field of battle at the endless horde of mongol warriors advancing from the west, he knew his time was near. Nonetheless, he gripped his BFG tightly and vowed to take as many of the foreign invaders with him as he could.

When you neighbors are mongols is a random as game I made for js13k 2023, where you must do your best to hold back the mongol horde as long as you can.

The samurai will fire his BFG automatically, leaving you to the important tasks of avoiding swords and spears thrown by mongols, as well as collecting powerup cubes to empower him and lay waste to many mongols at once.

There are several powerups that will aid the samurai in his bloodlust...
Health (H) - Restores an amount of the samurai's health.
Walkspeed (S) - Increases the samurai's movement speed.
Reload (R) - BFG reloads faster.
Speed (P) - BFG projectiles move faster.
Bombardment (B) - Rains down bombs on the horde, obliterating them en masse.
Lightning (Z) - Lightning strikes the horde from the heavens.
RailGun (G) - Annihilates all mongols within the its beam.
Points (Y) - Awards 5,000 bonus points.

Move the samurai up with "UPARROW" or "Q" keys, and down with "DOWNARROW" or "A" keys. These controls can be changed in the options menu.

Collect powerup cubes by clicking on them with the primary mouse button. This control is NOT configurable.

When your neighbors are Mongols has been tested working in FireFox and Chrome on Windows 10, and is best played in full-screen mode.

Categories: desktop