HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Welcome to Space

Our space station has been overrun by evil aliens!
You alone have been sent by Earth to defeat these treacherous villains. WELCOME TO SPACE.
These wicked aliens are armed to the teeth, but so are you!
Use your vast arsenal to conquer the 6 different alien types and make your way to the ultimate alien boss.
Good luck, hero!

Controls - Keyboard and Controller support:
Move with either LEFT and RIGHT, A and D, or with a controller D-pad or joysticks.
Jump with either UP, W, SHIFT, CTRL, or controller buttons.
Shoot with either SPACE, or with controller buttons or triggers.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Dann Sullivan: Good job on pulling this together in time, definitely room for improvement (character health is not a thing at the moment, despite the medkits), but good effort.

Ania Kubów: Absolutely loved this game! The pixel art was adorable and the variety given to the weapons and evil alien characteristics was very impressive. I was most intrigued about what the deciding 'jump' factors were for the aliens, so had a quick look at the code and must applaud how neat i found it.

Lee Reilly: Loved everything about this - especially the CRT/scanline effect. Very well done. Consider continuing to work on this and adding 2-8 player mode and you'll have an incredibly fun part game 😀