HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

We Must Go Back!

[insert generic character name here] in his endless run to some goal (I guess) just remembered that he forgot to turn off his stove. Of course is easier to keep the momentum and run backwards (speedrunning tactics). Help him to achieve that.
SPOILERS: This is a endless runners, you will never help him.

Press ENTER to start the Game (or reset if you die)
Press UP ARROW to jump

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Kevin Whinnery: Bonus points for thinking "I'll create an endless runner... but backwards!" Definitely surprised me the first time through to see objects coming from the left. I hope you learned a lot from making it! Worked: - Surprising twist on the endless runner moving backwards - jump physics made the button press more fun (the slow float down) !Worked: - The brown totem thing was too hard to jump over, and you'd frequently encounter it early - After the backward running, there wasn't a hook to keep it interesting/different

Anonymous: Great job - Dino Run but then better ;) - I've seldom seen a game (nor a endless runner) with a camera angel that turns left, nice twist! Suggestions (if you want them) - colluding seems off with some elements (or was it just me being a noob) Awesome job!

Jupiter Hadley: I quite liked that he was moving backwards, as well as the comments on the bottom of the screen. Good job.