HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Wandering Moon

Wandering Moon

As a meteor shower pelted your planet you were flung away, landing among distant and unfamiliar orbits. Now, you must struggle to navigate this strange realm in hopes of eventually returning home.


Gaze at one of the faint white orbits to highlight it. Clicking while an orbit is highlighted will launch you into that orbit.

VR headsets - Press any button to click.
Desktop - Use the mouse to click. Click and drag to rotate your view.
Mobile without headset - Rotate phone to rotate view. Tap the screen to click.

Different map sizes can be selected.

Tested on Desktop (Chrome and Firefox) , Google cardboard and Samsung GearVR. Should work everywhere.

Categories: a-frame

Feedback from the judges

Diego Marcos: Mechanics and graphics interesting. The goal is not clear

Ada Rose Edwards: Nice use of all 3 dimensions for your Maze, The orbits look pretty nice. :)

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice VR game! I enjoyed jumping from planet to planet - its quite a fun experience.