HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


You are lost in a museum.

Find your way out, take some times to look at the painting. It might guide you!

Look with clic + mouse
Move forward with the space bar

Move forward by touching

Move forward with the magnetic button

Categories: a-frame

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: I like the take on the theme and the different works of art. I wish they had plaques so you could tell if you found the right one, however, I liked exploring around!

Diego Marcos: I like the way of abstracting famous paintings and make them still recognizable. I have not checked if that's original work from the author but if it is, it is really interesting.

Giovanny Beltrán: I love your reinterpretation of master pieces.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: I really like the overall aesthetics of the museum and the shape drawings and their animation when touched.

Chris Mills: Looks OK, environment is quite nice...but gameplay is frustrating and I coudn't figure out what to do.

Ada Rose Edwards: I liked the use of circles which matched the painting to represent the fine art. Good use of shape and texture.