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Vagabond King of Cards

A young vagabond is adopted/abducted (abdopted?) and enters the patronage of a wealthy and powerful personage; they are introduced and then immersed in the shadowy world of King of Cards - a mysterious and possibly supernatural tournament of 1:1 duels where the only weapons are quick eyes and keen minds.

The goal of each match is to find a set of three cards that are a "true trinity" faster than your opponent.

Each trinity card has four aspects: illustration, inner border, color and count. Each aspect has three possible variations.

True trinity is balance and harmony. Each of the four aspects of a true trinity card must either fully align or stand unique among its partners.

False trinity lacks balance. For two cards an aspect's form aligns, but for their third it does not. One is a lost soul and true trinity is impossible.

Categories: desktop, mobile