HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Doctor Elliot is trapped with his daughter in a laboratory where they were experimenting with a lethal virus, something bad happened and all the scientists were infected, the quarantine protocol was activated and he closed the main door, Dr. Elliot must look for a computer with battery with access to the central to re-activate the energy and open the door.

- Zombies follow you if you are in light or make a noise.
- If you turn off the flashlight and a zombie is looking at you, he will go to the last location he saw you.
- You make a little noise for breathing(circle expanding) so keep your distance.
- You can hold the breath using Q key.
- When running you make a stronger noise, so be careful.
- To use a Computer just stay in front of it and look up, they're Checkpoints too.
- When you find the correct Computer go back to the start point.

Q - Hold The Breath
WASD - Movements
F - Turn on/off the lantern
Shift - Run

Coil's Members:
Better move speed
Greater lantern vision

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: This game would have benefited a lot from sound effects. It's a simple concept, but is very neat.

Nathan Lie: Game has a steep learning curve - zombies are often total surprises and it takes a little trial-and-error to figure out how to avoid them or otherwise get them out of narrow corridors they may sometimes block. During the finale, zombie pathfinding may sometimes cause unwinnable scenarios. Ultimately, the core gameplay of this game Story is soild, and makes good use of classic horror tropes. Controls are smooth, though I would have liked a way to cancel the breath holding mechanic before it fully depletes, in case the player manages to get past an area before it's fully depleted. Web Monetization is a great nice-to-have, though I am uncertain that it affects the main gameplay loop much.

Christer Kaitila: wow, what an amazing game engine, all in 13kb!! the raycast light cone and stealth mechanics are superb, and the sprites are great, too! I found it really challenging but once I figured out that zombies only go to your last "seen" location I was fine. Amazing work! So impressive. My apologies if there was sound but I heard none, but the entire time I kept thinking it would be twice as fun with ominous sound effects! Overall, incredible work.

Ewa Mazur: Nice atmosphere of horror. The performance in Firefox was much worse than in Chrome. I love that you took care of so many details like noise from breathing.

Anselm Hook: I'd like to skip the intro. I think the web monetization is good. It is very hard also.