HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Doctor Elliot is trapped with his daughter in a laboratory where they were experimenting with a lethal virus, something bad happened and all the scientists were infected, the quarantine protocol was activated and he closed the main door, Dr. Elliot must look for a computer with battery with access to the central to re-activate the energy and open the door.

- Zombies follow you if you are in light or make a noise.
- If you turn off the flashlight and a zombie is looking at you, he will go to the last location he saw you.
- You make a little noise for breathing(circle expanding) so keep your distance.
- You can hold the breath using Q key.
- When running you make a stronger noise, so be careful.
- To use a Computer just stay in front of it and look up, they're Checkpoints too.
- When you find the correct Computer go back to the start point.

Q - Hold The Breath
WASD - Movements
F - Turn on/off the lantern
Shift - Run

Coil's Members:
Better move speed
Greater lantern vision

Categories: desktop, web monetization