HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB



The first record of Vampires occurred in the 13th century. The anti-pagan treatise "Word of Saint Grigoriy" reported pagans worshipping Upyri, creatures that we now refer to as Vampires.

While the details of 13th century Upyri have been lost to history, you are unfortunately all too familiar with them. You are the latest to be sent to the castle as a sacrifice to the Upyri. Can you defeat the creature within and escape the castle?


WASD or Arrow keys to move
Mouse to look
Any mouse button or the E key for Action


Upyri is a horror themed adventure game where you need to solve puzzles to escape the castle. Explore and look for hints in the environment. Make your way into the Keep in the center of the castle, then the tower, and find the lever to open the front gate.


The symbol used as the games icon and featured in the game is based on the real pagan symbol for the devil. The pagan symbol for the devil is a circle with a crescent on top facing upwards, representing the horns on the devils head. Here the symbol is flipped upside down to instead represent the fangs of the Upyri.

Categories: desktop, decentralized