HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


A twin stick shooter in 256 shades of brown.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Diego González: Wonderful, cool, fun, creepy, and polished. Awesome look and feel, perfect lighting, and fun concept. Amazing work. Well done.

Spartez Team: Wow and I mean wow. You pulled out something really interesting here. Technically it's rather briliant. Mood is good with all darkness and music with some bass. When you shoot you light the way otherwise is too dark. It all works. Design wise I don't like how you see everything up (distance) and nearly nothing down. It doesn't make much sense thematically. Also there is like 1-2 monsters per level shooting at you. As other monsters don't shoot at you it's so surprising that you get hit - you don't expect it. Also because of graphics style you don't really see those bullets. My gun on the other hand has so big range that it kills many things even if I don't see them yet. And there is no point in not shooting the whole time (it has reminded me cannon fodder a bit) Anyway for it is it may be the best game in this competition (I've seen like 30 of them so far)

Larry Chupacabra: Wow. This was a really smooth and well made jam entry. It felt like I was playing a retro throwback game on steam. Responsive controls, fun graphics, and little alien bug enemies that all fit the atmosphere of offline real well. Id say you should expand upon this concept and release a full version of the game. Maybe something about a space scavenger that loots old ships for lost relics/technology or something. Would be great.

Anselm Hook: Fun concept, good styled graphics. Couldn't run it on Chrome. I did experience what seemed to be a bug where a certain direction got stuck for a while. Overall, good work!

Christer Kaitila: A fully working 3D twin-stick shooter game. Excellent 3D pixelated graphics, great SFX & music, and fits well with the competition theme. It's amazing that such game can fit in 13K

Mike Cook: A really technically impressive piece of work! Deserving of the top community spot. A few usability issues that come with jam time limits (especially the camera angle!) but packed with atmosphere and surprisingly good-feeling combat. A really amazing achievement!

Anonymous: Really impressed with this. Would definitely play more of this. With more weapons and different level themes I'd have paid to do so.

Jimmy Joe McGurl: Amazing that this was done in 13kb. Stunning graphics considering! I had to finish the whole thing, kudos!