HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB



You are lost in a metropolis in a foreign planet.
You need to find your way to back home by
using portals and climbing higher into Troposphere.

Use ARROWS or W/A/S/D to move. For normal jump, use UP or W (when not climbing)
Press SPACE or G for anti-gravity jump and you will jump higher and longer!
Hold T for time traveling back in time (uses lots of energy!)

Use anti-gravitation jump to get to ladders above you. Save energy for it!
If drone is following you, you can lose it by going away from it and it will stop following you.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Pedro Fortuna: Good music ++ Couldn't understand how time travel works -- Enemies and main character are not very pretty -- Main Menu is a bit ugly --

Anonymous: First of all congratulations on creating and submitting your game to the JS13K competition. I would like to say good job on packing all these different mechanics and game object in a small footprint. I think the game is a little hard in level 2 as there is a lot of following enemies that continue to follow you even when you are far and it start making it hard to evade them. I can understand that the high jump (antigravity jump is limited by energy) but so far in the first couple of levels, I was always using it during jumping so I don't know if normal jump is needed or you can just make the high jump is the default jump. About the energy bar, I think it add an interesting idea about resource management but having no way to recharge it (you can make the player wait for a little and the energy come back) make the resource sacred and everyone tries not to use it at all instead of managing the usage. also the climbing speed is super slow which make it harder to evade while going up, so the player will need to use the back in time action whenever they are climbing. Overall, great job in adding all these game elements and managing it to be under 13k but I think you need to balance the game more, adjust the level design so it won't take forever and easier to handle.

Jupiter Hadley: Nice game!