HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Triangle: Back To Home

You are lost in the cave. Try to get out and back to home. Sometimes it can be easy, sometimes not… but don’t give up and you will do it.

I hope you will like this small adventure. :)

ArrowLeft, A - Move left;
ArrowRight, D - Move right;
ArrowUp, Space, W - Jump;

1, 2, 3, 4 - Switch between graphics quality;
M - Mute;

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: For such a pointy game, this game is not rough around edges at all. Super polished and fun to play!

Anonymous: You've managed to make ui really smooth. Keyboard handling was very good. Animation of character interesting. Fx had nice booming bass. Graphics was very clean and functional. "Back" theme was a bit enforced for me, but it's ok. Design-wise it got boring too quickly. Like elements on levels were introduced too slowly. Then I went to this platform moving up and right diagonally and was forced to wait for it until it goes down. It breaks player flow. I died a few levels later and got pushed back like 2-3 screens back. I should have been pushed only one screen back, because this way I had to repeat things that I did well before and was rather discouraged to continue. Falling down - camera is too slow. When game has started I thought levels layout is 2D, but I think it's just 1D. It's ok, just sth in graphics style created this impression for me. First thing I did was wall jump on the first screen to the top, unfortunately no nice surprise for my innovation ;P. I think you have a good base here. Next step really matters - where would it go further.

Jupiter Hadley: Nice animations (though very simple) and great sound effects. Cool platformer.