HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Trado Polo explores

The game is loosely based on Marco Polo, the explorer and merchant from the 13th century Italy.

Your job is to explore Asia, find the bigger cities and ports along the way and trade for new goods.

In the mini game you have to press the button for the corresponding column when the big dot turns green. Missing it or pressing when a cross is there will count as a fail. You have 5 rounds, but if you fail 3 of them your course will be diverted.

In this version only the keyboard controls work (they are also shown on screen):
- A: steer your ship/caravan left
- D: steer your ship/caravan right
- H-J-K-L: play the mini game on the right side of the screen

This version misses some features and mechanics, I'll upload an updated and extended after-the-jam version to Itch:

Categories: desktop