HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Tiny Yurts

Connect the yurts to the farms!

Left-click and drag to place paths and re-orient your yurts. Right-click to delete path segments.

Heavily inspired by Mini Motorways by Dinosaur Polo Club. And by 13th century Mongolia!

Mobile is a little small and fiddly, but the 'Fullscreen' button puts it into landscape mode and is highly recommended.

Sounds are generated on-the-fly, so each guitar twang and path-placing thud is ever so slightly unique.

Graphics are all in SVG, the UI is mostly HTML, and there are a whole load of CSS transitions. There is no canvas!

Special thanks to Kang Seonghoon for RoadRoller (my asset-less source code is 191kB, which I think might be a Js13kGames record lol), Maxime Euzière for the Karplus-Strong algorithm that I sort of nabbed from his MiniSynth for the sound effects, and Steven Lambert for Kontra.js - the game is now using very little of it, but starting off with an engine was super helpful!

Also thank you to everyone who tried out the game over the last week or so, it's been great seeing your scores, screenshots, and yurt-organization strategies :)

Categories: desktop, mobile