HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The Maze of Space Goblins

A puzzle game that combines Sokoban-like gameplay mechanics with match-3.

You play as some kind of space creature controlling a flying saucer. Match three (or more) space goblins of the same color to destroy them. Collect every star in the room to complete the puzzle.

Arrow keys to move, Backspace to undo a move, R to restart, Enter to pause

Tested on Firefox and various Chromiums-based browsers (Opera & Edge) on Linux and Windows. The font in the "A game by" screen is a bit wrong on Chromium-based browsers on Windows, otherwise no major differences noticed. Works best on Chromium-based browsers (framerate is lower on Firefox)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Lovely graphics, really simple but fun game! Love the challenge in it.

Raf Mertens: The name definitely got my attention. Funny intro too! The game does a good job of getting you engaged. I think the puzzles were excellent and quite challenging. Had me playing for a while. Great, simple puzzle game that’s deceptively hard, with retro visuals and sounds.

Noël Meudec: I really don't like Sokoban, but I love this game. I find the increase in difficulty to be properly balanced. The new gameplay mechanics introduced are great and completing the hardest levels feels rewarding. Overall, 15 levels of great design with a cool 80s arcade game vibe, one of the gems of this game jam in my opinion.