HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The Matr13k

After saving Morpheus, Neo needs to find an exit from this JavaScript version of the matrix.
This is a beat em up, your objective is to kill everyone in your way in order to advance to the end of the rabbit hole.
Use the arrow keys to move, S and D keys to punch and kick, space to jump, you also have some special moves.

Beware of the Agents, specially from Agent Smith...

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Diego González: Fantastic. So fun, so polished, great tutorial, perfect colours, cool progress bar at bottom, different AIs, a plot, what more can you ask for? LOVE IT. Pretty phreaking awesome I must say. Amazing work.

Spartez Team: I like the idea. Game is pretty fun. It responds well and do all the things it should (a like the slide kick). I'm guessing you are not really a JS dev. You are sometimes using _ for 'private' variables, sometimes not. Your not using JS imports and you are concatenating files using shell script - that's really weird. You also left out some commented out code. Using shaders is really awesome.

Mike Cook: Surprisingly accomplished little fighter! The specials are quite powerful, but the number of enemies kind of makes it a bit more stressful/balanced. I'd like to see more verticality, given how good the sliding/dashing feels - maybe shrink stuff down a bit, let me jump on a few platforms, get some real air and move around move. But I really liked slide-kciking through a crowd and then finishing a few off with some dash punches. Super!

Jupiter Hadley: I really liked this! There was a lot going on, I felt that the graphics were nice, if only I switched the side of the room that I facing in a more smooth way.

Jimmy Joe McGurl: Matrix themed beat-em up that gets pretty insanely hard. Couldn't finish but still a cool entry!