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The Last Spartan

Cut your enemies to pieces and defend your homeland! Can you, the last Spartan Hoplite of your battalion, earn an honorable death across thousands of procedurally generated battlefields?

An arcade hack n' slash survival game set in ancient Sparta, 404 B.C.



- Move - W, A, S, D
- Attack - J or Left Mouse Button (LMB)
- Block - K or Right Mouse Button (RMB)
- Jump - SPACE
- Spartan Charge - K + J / RMB + LMB
- Ground Pound - SPACE + J / Space + LMB
- Pause - P

Otherwise, follow the onscreen prompts.

Rest from battle to regain your health and stamina. Health and stamina are represented onscreen by the red and blue bars.

Use your spartan charge and ground pound attacks to stun your enemies and gain the upper hand.


Latest Chrome, Edge, Safari, or FireFox. For best results, use Chrome.

Categories: desktop

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