HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The last Link

Eliminate your opponent's links, the last one with the fewest broken links (404) will win the game.

You will have two modes to play:


Play on your same device against another person or start a game against a bot.


Start a game with anyone who is connected, or if you prefer, create a private room to play with a friend, you can also interact through emojis to express how you feel during a game.

Create a board in party mode and use your mobile device as a remote control, in this mode, there is no time, or interaction through emojis since it is a mix between the offline mode in which there is only one board and the online mode since an internet connection is required, it is intended that the players are physically in the same place.

Categories: desktop, mobile, server

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: Incredibly polished! So many modes! Smooth tweens! So readable and easy on the eyes. Amazing work.

Ahmed Khalifa: Congratulations on creating a checkers game with all these features in this short amount of time. The game is very polished and looks nice. I would recommend since checkers is solved to do something similar to Good Sudoku game. A lot of classic games are being played again but with some AI that helps you understand the game and play better. It would be great if there is an AI helper that could show me potential movements and resolutions. It will add this new twist on the game where I am thinking more about meta strategies. Another idea, maybe the player is a controlling parameters of the AI similar to AutoRogue. I only have chance to change what type of strategy it is using. Overall, great job on finishing and submitting a very well polished game :)

Noël Meudec: This game is a variant of the game "Draughts" (aka "Checkers"). The graphics and sound effects are well done, and the AI is good enough to pass time. There is even a spectator mode! There is not much I can add to that, it is a very well known game, done well. Overall, it is a nice version of a famous board game that feels polished.