HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The Knighting of Sr Isaac

The Knighting of Sr Isaac, is a simple random room generated roguelike game where you combine different weapons with unique attack patterns against enemies.

Prove yourself worthy of being called a knight and see how far you can go!!!

Game instructions
- w/a/s/d to walk and v/b to attack on desktop.
- Gamepad and atk buttons a/b for mobile.
- Pick your starting weapon with v/b in the keyboard or press the buttons in mobile.
- v/b or a/b allows you to pick a weapons to that respective hand, it also allows you to open doors.
- Treasure room can only be opened if you have the key.
- Clicking in the top right speaker or pressing m can mute the game sounds.
- Enemies may drop their weapons after dead.

Weapons in game

Close Melee:
- Fist: down atk
- Shield: down-side atk, pushes enemies down
- Axe: down-side atk
- Morning Star: side atk
- Hammer: top-side atk
- Sword: top-side-down atk

Long Range Melee:
- Spear: down atk
- Greatsword: 360 atk
- Halberd: top atk

- Trowing Knives: down-side atk
- Trowing Axe: side atk
- Crossbow: top-side atk

Enemy Behaviours
- Afraid: keeps himself at a distance from the player, if player gets close they run away.
- Agressive: follows the player and attacks.
- Defensive: gets close to player but keeps a distance to perform attacks.

Categories: desktop, mobile