HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The King's Missing Page

"The King's Missing Page" is a point and click animated adventure game.

You control Detective Pip who has been given the assignment of finding the King's missing page boy, who went missing in the woods whilst delivering a message for the King.

Explore 31 locations and discover over 20 characters and 18 items.

Works on desktop and mobile. Since the game is predominantly built using Emojis, it looks quite different on different platforms. Works well on Windows, Mac, and Android, but for the best visual results, try it on a MacBook or recent Samsung phone.

Control Pip by using the Walk to, Look at, Pick up, and Talk to icons at the bottom of the screen.

Walk to: Used for moving around and to enter buildings.

Look at: Used for examining an item or something in the current scene.

Pick up: Used for picking up items that you find.

Talk to: Used for talking to other characters in the game.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all congratulation on creating a big point click adventure game with a lot of art and music with that small footprint. You should be proud of that. I am not big on point click adventure but I usually enjoy jokes and silly conversations that happens during the adventure. In that game, it was a little bit harder since most people I met only say one line like Hi. In a lot of the cases, I appreciate that since it is to the point and there is fluff but I also don't get why these people are there if there is no conversation to be done why not make these places blocked and later when needed the door appear is open and when we talk they might speak about a missing thing or giving me a hint about a location if you still want to make the game to the point. Overall, great job on creating the game. Congratulations on packing all these interesting stuff in small footprint.

Michelle Mannering: Very colourful and great animation. Well thought out game, great instructions, Music is very cool. Simple animations make it easy to get into. Everything in the environment is working great, but unfortunately can't click on the pop-ups. Might be something to do with Chrome but it's great called this out in the documentation (ie. using Mac or latest Samsung). Really love the life and colour in this game. Great job, lots of thought into the interactivity of the player with the environment, ie. "it doesn't speak"